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A.D.A.P.T. Strategy Dice Game

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A mashup style card and dice game for 2-3 players where mutant fish and battle to the death!

Gameplay: At the start of each game each player selects a humble starting guppy, then uses an all new Experience-based Drafting System to buy and upgrade all manner of new bodies and parts.

Every card in the game deck is unique, and all players share that deck, therefore you'll not only have to ADAPT your fish, but also your strategy, for what one player buys and ADAPTs, no other player can. In the end… there can be only one Masterfish in the sea!

Unique Features:
-Designed for 2-3 players but can expand up to 6 with the 5-in-1 expansion pack.
-Designed for ages 14+ but has a reversible player mat that enables play with children ages 7+.
-Plays in 30 minutes, but playtime can vary with unique mechanisms allowing a fast 15 minute game, or a long brawl lasting closer to 60.
-Every card in the deck is unique featuring real fish, real fish parts, and real abilities associated with those fish. Every card has unique art.
-Contains 3 unique sets of Halfsies Dice that can alternately be used for play in RPG or other gaming systems.

A.D.A.P.T. is a card and dice game for 2-3 players, that plays in 30 minutes, comes with 3 full sets of polyhedral dice (3d4s, 3d6s, 3d8s, 3s10s, 3d12s, & 3d20s), and bears a unique theme.