Dice Forge

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Greetings, mortal! Stories of your heroic feats have traveled throughout the world and into the divine realms, and now, you find yourself transported to the celestial islands, where your mighty deeds will honor and entertain the gods themselves. Many will compete, but only one can craft a new destiny in Dice Forge, a new board game for two to four players from Libellud!

To claim victory in a game of Dice Forge, you will need more glory than any other player—which you can achieve by performing heroic feats among the celestial islands of the divine realm. Your dice are the key to obtaining gold, gathering shards, and achieving these legendary deeds, but their initial form won’t carry you to victory. You’ll need to reforge your dice and make your own luck over the course of the game if you’re going to become the newest demigod of the divine realm. With a mix of innovative mechanics, resource management, and a stunning presence at the table, Dice Forge deserves a place in every gamer’s collection.

The struggle for divine favor is fraught with peril, and you’ll need every divine blessing you can get. At the heart of these divine blessings are the innovative, customizable dice that you’ll use on every turn in Dice Forge. At the beginning of each player’s turn, every player will roll their dice and receive the resources shown—gold, sun shards, moon shards, or glory points. Obviously, glory points are what you need to win the game, but gold and shards are essential to upgrading your abilities and accomplishing heroic feats.

At the beginning of the game, your dice are weak, offering only small benefits. From these small beginnings, however, you’ll rise to greatness by physically altering the faces of your dice. The dice used in Dice Forge are specially crafted, allowing you to easily snap new faces onto your dice, replacing weaker faces. In fact, changing your dice is one of the fundamental actions that you can take on your turn.

Whenever you’re searching for a way to upgrade your dice, you’ll turn your attention to the temple, which is placed on the foundation of your game box and elevated above the rest of the table. There, in the pools of the temple sanctuary, you’ll find an array of new die faces that can be purchased, provided you have the gold to spend. Any die faces that you purchase immediately replace an existing die face, and in this way, you’ll improve your dice as time goes on. Of course, it pays to plan ahead: there are limited supplies of new die faces, and if your opponents snatch up the best die faces first, you’ll be left in the dust!