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Memoir' 44 Campaign Book Voulme 2

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Memoir '44: Campaign Book Volume 2, the second hardcover supplement for the Memoir '44 game system, contains 46 new scenarios and builds upon the campaign rules introduced in Campaign Book Volume 1 to let players experience scenarios in succession, with the outcome of each battle impacting the next.

These 46 scenarios are grouped into eleven different campaigns, with two set in the Pacific Theater – "Island Hoppers", a Grand Campaign covering the progressive re-conquest of the Pacific by the Allied forces following the attack on Pearl Harbor, and "Bicycle Blitzkrieg", the Japanese invasion of Malaya in 1941-1942 – and the first Breakthrough campaign for Memoir '44: "Breakthrough Normandy", covering the Allied offensive in Normandy from D-Day through August 1944.

Two other campaigns – "Fall of Poland", depicting the desperate resistance of Polish forces against the German Blitzkrieg of September 1939, and "Air Aces", a campaign following the exploits of famous air aces throughout World War II – round up the Theaters of Operations covered in the book.